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Welcome to DBIC High Pressure Pumps

we produce Pitot-Tube-Jet-Pumps here in Germay and have more than 40 years experience.

High Pressure Applications

The design concept behind the revolutionary Pitot-Tube-Jet-Pump is remarkably uncomplicated - a rotating case using centrifugal force to accelerate liquids through a stationary pick-up tube. The result ist a steady, pulsation-free, high-pressure stream achieved with relatively low operating speeds.

The simplicity of this true single-stage pump design practically eliminates maintenance. There are no packing glands, wear rings, throat throttle bushings as in conventional centrifugal pumps.

No complex pistons, rods, valves, springs, or sophisticated system controls of reciprocating pumps. These are all worries of the past. Drive shaft bearings are isolated from liquid flow, protecting from wash-out and possible pump damage. Thousands of on-line applications throughout the world - millions of operating hours - have proven the durability and efficiency of this design.

Only one Suction Mechanical Seal, no Pressure Seal. This means superior performance, simpler operation, lower operating costs, reduced parts inventory and longer pump life.

Principle of DBIC Pitot-Tube-Jet Pumps Operation  

The basic concept behind the DBIC Pitot-Tube-Jet Pump is remarkable simple. The pump consists of two basic working parts, the stationary pick-up tube and rotating rotor. Liquid enters the manifold and passes into the rotating case where centrifugal force causes the liquid to accelerate and enter the rotor under pressure as it jets into the pick-up tube. The liquid flows through the pick-up tube and is discharged.

It should be noted that the only wetted contacting parts in the single stage DBIC Pitot-Tube-Jet Pumps are the mechanical seal faces which operate under suction pressure only. This eliminates the performance deterioration, possible seizure and maintenance costs incurred by multistage pumps with wear rings, balancing discs, interstage bushings, etc.

The DBIC Pitot-Tube-Jet Pump runs at relatively low speeds compared with high speed pumps with a resultant lower noise level.

A pitot pump offers distinct benefits in comparison with multi-stage and high speed centrifugals as well as positive displacement pumps which have been formerly used to develop pressures up to 200 bar, 8.000 rpm.

Advantages of the DBIC-Pitot-Tube-Jet Pumps

- High Flexibility
- head changed by speed change
- wide operating range up and down the curve
- large flow changes by switching pitot tubes; 7 sizes 2 up to 150 m3/h
- low minimum flow (smooth, pulsation free)
- broad efficiency range
- adjustable drive arrangement e.g. belt drive for  maximum performance flexibility
- stationary or rotating seals

High reliability
- simple control equipment, no need for relief valve, by-pass pressure onloaders, pulsation
dampeners, minimum control valves
- simple design; only two basic working parts, rotor and pitot tube
- bearings isolated from pumped fluid
- resistance to system transient e.g. fast operating valves, suction loss, standby changeover

Low maintenance
- inherent in design e.g. number of parts, low speed
- conventional horizontal arrangement and standard electric motor with in-line manifold available
- seal operates under suction pressure, low differential
pressure generally prolongs life

High interchangeability
- fast parts delivery
- complete interchangeability within each model series e.g. RO/RG,1 bearing bracket, 1 rotor assembly
- low stores inventory
- stock rotor materials, ductile iron, carbon steel, 12% chrome steel, 316 SS, duplex SS = CD4 MCU (1.4591)

Low operating costs
- low spares inventory costs
- good efficiencies compared with high speed pumps
- minimum maintenance
- easy access to seal without disturbing drive alignment
- choice of seal manufacturers


mara 3000

Mara 4000


RO 4000





MARA 3000 Serie
this is our babytube.The Pitot-Tube-Jet-Pump with Motor and direct drive.
No bearinghousing and shaft- the Highpressureaggregat for smaler flows
(34 m3/h)


MARA 4000 Serie
Aggregat for high pressure and big flows.Compactversion drecly conected with the Motor. read more...



The barshaft Model was designed to meet not only the rigorous API 610 standard for the chemical, hydrocarbon processing and refining industries, but also strict pumping standards for a broad range of other processing applications. The oil lubricated, cast steel Pitot-Tube-Jet not only meets these standards, but also delivers up to 180 bar (1800m) with flows up to 400 GPM (91 m3/hr). The pump is built for continuous duty and years of trouble-free service. The pump is available in 316 stainless steel.



The Pitot-Tube-Jet model HG-RG pump is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. The versatile HG-RG pump can deliver up to 1100 psi (76 bar) with a maximum operating speed of 4380 RPM. The HG-RG pump has a grease lubricated bearing system that provides smooth, pulsation free operation. The pump contains a dependable carbon face, cartridge type.

Metallurgy of wetted components can be varied to meet the requirements of even the most rigorous and corrosive conditions. The HA-RO can be furnished in a single or double seal design, with a variety of styles and face materials available for specific applications. 

The WHA-ROH is the API Version. Please contact DBIC.

Our highpreassure pump uses the power of centrifugal force with the principle of pitot-tubes

History  Revolutionary Pumptechnics

Fourty years of experience and history and future development on DBIC Pitot-tube-jet- pumps for High pressure pumpingunits.

The basic development of the PITOT TUBE JET ,HYDRAULIC, basic principle ( still pitot tube technique) was based in GERMANY.

In the year 1917 the first tests with Pitot Tube for measeuremet and hydraulik were launched.
In the years 1938 up to 1943 the partners HENSCHEL COMPANY in Kassel and JUNKERS in Dessau developed the first generation auf pitot tube pumps.
Paul Diener’s uncle was a test pilot with this company and was heavily involved with the development and application of the HYDRO-JET pump for rockets and turbine driven aeroplane fighters. The plant test pilot Mr. Ing. ADOLF BAHRS informed his nephew Dipl. Ing. Paul Diener from DBIC International, about this unique development of this pump being able to create high pressure and large flows in only one stage.

As of 1968 the DBIC-ICP group started further search on this pump type and found that a further development was performed by CHALLENS-COOK USA as high pressure central cleaning systems under the name HYDRO-JET and known as the pump type CB-40.

Early 1972 DBIC delivered the first Cooling and lubrication pump packages equipped with PITOT TUBE pumps, not only in Europe but also exported to clients in Far East . The experience from DBIC regarding these applications is a long term one, and therefore recognised as the world leader in this application.

At the end of 1999 the pitot tube pump was listed and described into a new specification standard, issued by the well known HYDRAULIC INSTITUTE CLEVELAND, USA.

DBIC is designing and constructing to this basic Hydraulic Institute Specifications, and moreover, DBIC is further developing and fine-tuning the pumping units to any Customers specifications and standards.

Based on the above and current experiences and continuous further development of this pump, DBIC is the world’s oldest and experienced PITOT TUBE pump supplier and specialist of the world for the whole Industry such as:Cooling, Hydraulic, Cleaning, Shower, Process, Pipeline, Injection, Reverse Osmoses etc. for the whole Industry.

The experience from DBIC regarding these applications is a long term one, and therefore recognised as the world leader in this application.

In order for further development of this pump type , DBIC has development programs with the German University "INSTITUTE FOR FLUID-ENERGY & HYDRAULIC FLOW ". This partnership with the University is required for the future development of this fine and unique product to the latest state of the Art techniques in the Pump Industry .

On specific request of our clients from all over the world, DBIC and it’s Partners are Building , Supplying , Repairing and Upgrading all Pitot-Tube pump aggreates from all brands known , such as: HYDRO-JET CB 40 , ROTO-JET, KOBE K, HONDA KK .

Also Spare Parts for the the brands Hydro-Jet CB 40,Roto-Jet RS Compact types and all other Jet types makes and types are commercial available out of our stock at DBIC in Germany


DBIC’s 40 years of experience with PITOT TUBE PUMPS both in manufacturing and application is your Guarantee for the "Best value for your money" !

Please ask for our detailed Brochures and other relevant information Standards at your nearest DBIC contact point and you will experience our 30 years old slogan,

High pressure in one stage!




















































































































































DBIC has a global Service and Operation network, together with it’s Partners, for MAINTENANCE , Operational Training on Site, Spareparts deliveries, complete overhauls including certified running test reports, for all types and sizes of ROTOJET and other Pitot tube manufacturers pumps... read more...

MARA 4000 Serie
Aggregat for high pressure and big flows.Compactversion drecly conected with the Motor. read more...

Mara 4000
Mara 4000

MARA 3000 Serie
this is our babytube.
Highpressureaggregat for smaler flows
(34 m3/h)

mara 3000
Mara 3000

barshaft pump, oil lubricated

RO 4000
Pitot-Tube-Jet-Pump barshaft

ROH-WHA and RO-HA Types